1 ON 1


Since 2006, Ms. Tucker has had the pleasure of working individually with hundreds of clients from incredibly diverse backgrounds.  Her standing client base includes some of the foremost jiujitsu competitors in the world, runway and editorial fashion models, award-winning actors, news anchors, business titans, homeless individuals, and stay-at-home moms.

As a result, it is her specialty to create bespoke experiences for the individuals. She understands that clients of all backgrounds share one thing in common:  A desire to live well within and through their body. 



Why take a private? 
One-on-one sessions illuminate unconscious patterns, idiosyncratic areas of restriction, neurological dysfunction and limiting factors. Clients are in a supportive environment where they are invited to move in ways meant to both restore healthy movement and overall well-being, and establish a long-lasting balance of stability, strength and mobility.  

What exactly happens in a session?
After an initial assessment, Ms. Tucker leads the client through a series of exercises and physical scenarios that help them to be efficient and autonomous in your body and movement patterns.  Using Yoga, Pilates and Strength-Training techniques, you will experience long-lasting effects, as efficient movement restores and energy is amplified.

Where do we meet?
Ms. Tucker sees clients at Elevate Cooperative (32 W. 28th Street, 4th Floor, NYC) and offers in-home sessions on a case-by-case basis.