Ms. Whitney Tucker’s first athletic love was track and field.  Her fundamental understanding of physical rigor, training demands, effective recovery, teamwork, and mindset development were all part of her fundamental training as a hurdler, 400 meter and 800 meter runner and relayer.

Since that time, she has obtained certifications in Kettlebells, TRX, CPT (NASM), and Equinox’s Precision Running.


I’ve worked with Whitney in many facets of my professional life. I’ve seen her as my pilates and strength coach; I’ve worked alongside her in patient treatments; and I’ve seen her practice grow in the past 3 years i’ve known her.

Her style is unique in that she never approaches a client with a preconceived treatment/exercise plan. As a healthcare provider I can tell you, this is not an easy task especially as your experience with clients grow. Her openness and communication create the ideal environment for a team approach to patient care.

These traits, mixed with her intuitive and scientific approach make for a truly excellent practitioner. I would recommend Whitney without hesitation!
— PAUL OCHOA, Physical Therapist + Founder of F2PT

Location + Class

Equinox Park Avenue
1 Park Ave, NYC (Midtown)

Mon, 6p - 7p
Precision Running