Ms. Tucker discovered Pilates in 2006 as a way to navigate hyper-mobility as a professional dancer.  After her initial mat and apparatus certification at The Kane School, she quickly incorporated classical and contemporary Pilates principles into her personal experiences as an avid runner, amateur weigh-lifter, professional dancer, and boxing student.

Pilates continues to be an important part of her teaching approach and she agrees with Joseph Pilates in that “Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.”


Whitney has made such an enormous impact on my heart, my health, my spirituality, my strength and my enthusiasm for life.  Each session with Ms. Tucker is full of laughter, smiles, release, breath, sweat and positive self-reflection.  To my disbelief, there were decades of tension buried in my pelvis, knees, hips, shoulders and feet.  She works diligently on tension release and muscle strengthening with me through Pilates, circuit training and yoga.  Ms. Tucker sees tension so clearly.  She understands what the body needs in order to release properly.  She has a gift for knowing where your body will take you and how far.  She is always so precise and cautious, and yet demanding and rigorous.
— KRISTI WOOD, Co-Owner of Logan Street Pilates Chicago, Illinois

Location + Class

Equinox Bond Street
0 Bond St, NYC (NoHo)

Wed, 5p - 6p