Ms. Tucker is honored to serve on the board of Vibrate Higher Foundation (VHF). The mission of the Vibrate Higher Foundation is to promote the welfare and well-being of women, children and minority groups. To not only protect these people, but also our environment, cohabiters and animals alike. 

The mission of the VHF is to:

  • Invest in social programs that help to eradicate homelessness

  • Raise funds to bring technology and furthering education to disaster-affected areas

  • Bring mindfulness and yoga techniques to the underprivileged

  • Invest in programming to bring clean water to less-fortunate areas

  • Offer better healthcare and education to women, children & minority groups

The Vibrate Higher Foundation does much more than invoke change on a surface level - we dig deep to help people cultivate a positive mindset, healthy life and overall well-being.
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