I started to work with Whitney after decades of training and competing at an elite level. After I saw improvement in my own abilities in spite of injuries, she began a weekly class for my students in 2015. She is skilled at optimizing an athlete’s performance.

She has helped me with movement on the mat and my overall well-being off the mat. The results are that my students and I feel better, perform better and live better.
— MARCELO GARCIA, 5x World IBJJF Champion, 4x ADCC World Champion, World Renowned Brazilian JiuJitsu Teacher + Innovator

I started to work with Whitney 7 years ago. At that time, I didn’t feel connected to my body.

Through our sessions, I found my balance, strength and deep connection to my body. Even though I was diagnosed with a herniated disc, scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, have been able to avoid surgery and have learned so much about my body. Whitney supports me in staying strong, physical and mentally. I’ve never felt so strong.

Working with Whitney has been amazing—her focus is helping me find balance, and my life is pretty crazed with work and travel and kids. But Whitney is more than an instructor; she crafts challenging and engaging sessions—often we’re working out before the sun rises.

In my short time as a client I’ve become more flexible, more energetic and stronger. Whitney has helped me rehab from injuries (fell off a horse), she pushes me on days when I’m not feeling it, and celebrates my hard work when I nail a difficult exercise.

Most of all Whitney has taught me to love and respect my body at age 52, for all those moves I can finally do and those goals that I’m always working toward. I always leave her studio exhausted, and feeling as if I understand something new about myself.
— SOLEDAD O’BRIEN, Journalist + Producer

After Elsie’s birth, Whitney came to us at the hospital to pick up my placenta. I received the beautiful print, capsules and a tincture just 4 days later, all beautifully packaged and delivered by hand. Having had a smooth transition these first two weeks — fortunate to have a generous amount of energy, healed quickly, had great milk and easy latching — I truly can attest to the potency of taking the capsules.

Whitney was such wonderful support to us from beginning to end, we are so happy to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— TAYLOR CHEN, Yoga Instructor (birth + placenta work)